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Shayari to say sorry

Shayari to say sorry

Did you made a mistake and want to use a Shayari to say sorry you have come to the right place. How convenient it is using a Shayari to say sorry to the one that is close to you. Loving someone truly and caring about them is an amazing feeling. Should you want you to express your feelings. Shayari in Hindi is the best and can make you win in this unspoken game of feelings.

When you really care about someone and made a mistake to hurt their feelings, you should certainly apologize. You might have hurt someone and did not ask for their forgiveness. It is obvious you cannot come to inner peace with yourself. Karma haunts you and you should not let that happen to yourself. It is wise to use Shayari to say sorry and express your feelings.

No amount of luxury can calm you down if you are grieving from inside. No matter what you do in the coming days of your life. Professionally you can be successful and be habitat in any place on earth you. There is only one way you can come to true peace with your inner self humanly. Hurting someone intentionally or unintentionally calls for forgiveness.

As Buddha said “No One in this world is pure and perfect. If you avoid people for their little mistakes you will always be alone, so Judge less and love more.”

खता हो गयी तो फिर सज़ा सुना दो,
दिल में इतना दर्द क्यूँ है वजह बता दो,
देर हो गयी याद करने में जरूर,
लेकिन तुमको भुला देंगे ये ख्याल मिटा दो।

Khata Ho Gaayi Toh Phir Sazaa Suna Do,
Dil Mein Itna Dard Kyun Hai Wajah Bata Do.
Der Ho Gayi Hai Yaad Karne Mein Zarur,
Lekin Tumko Bhula Denge Yeh Khayal Mita Do.

Aaj Maine Khud Se Ek Vaada Kiya Hai,
Maafi Mangunga Tujhse Tujhe Rusava Kiya Hai,
Har Mod Par Rahunga Main Tere Saath Saath,
Anjane Mein Maine Tujhko Bahut Dard Diya Hai.

I Am Sorry 🙂

आज मैंने खुद से एक वादा किया है,
माफ़ी मांगूंगा तुझसे तुझे रुसवा किया है,
हर मोड़ पर रहूँगा मैं तेरे साथ साथ,
अनजाने में मैंने तुझको बहुत दर्द दिया है।

Sorry, Kehne Ka Matlab Hai,
Ki Aapke Liye Dil Me Pyar Hai.
Ab Jaldi Se Hume Maaf Kar Do Ai Sanam,
Suna Hai Aap Bahut Samajhdaar Hain.
I Am Sorry!

सॉरी कहने का मतलब है,
कि आपके लिए दिल में प्यार है,
अब जल्दी से हमे माफ़ कर दो ऐ सनम,
सुना है आप बहुत समझदार हैं।

Shayari to say sorry
shayari to say sorry

Galati To Ho Gayi Hai,
Ab Kya Maar Daaloge?
Maaf Bhi Kar Do Ae Sanam,
Ye Galatfhaime Kab Tak Paaloge?

गलती तो हो गयी है,
अब क्या मार डालोगे?
माफ़ भी कर दो ऐ सनम,
ये गलफहमी कब तक पालोगे?

Har Waqt Tum Ko Yaad Karta Hu,
Hadd Se Jyada Tumhe Pyaar Karta Hu,
Kyun Tum Mujhse Khafa Baithe Ho,
Main Ek Tumhin Par To Marta Hu.
I’m Sorry My Dear.

हर वक़्त तुमको याद करता हूँ,
हद से ज्यादा तुम्हे प्यार करता हूँ,
क्यों तुम मुझसे खफा बैठे हो,
मैं एक तुम्हीं पर तो मरता हूँ।

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